‘In a hurry’ cottage pie’

I wasn't holding my hopes out for this recipe, as I do find Joe Wicks a bit hit and miss. However, it unexpectedly delivered. This recipes from the third edition of Lean in 15 AKA the sustain plan, a quicker alternative the classic filling cottage pie that doesn't compromise on taste. Even better, it uses … Continue reading ‘In a hurry’ cottage pie’


Duck and plum stir fry

I ended up cooking this because we had duck legs that needed using. The recipe calls for duck breasts but it actually turned out really well with the variations. To start, cook two duck legs in the oven according to packet instructions. I believe we did for about an hour until it was cooked through. … Continue reading Duck and plum stir fry

Totally tasty lasagne

I can't believe this is the first lasagne recipe I've posted given it's my favourite meal. I usually swear by Gizzi Erksine's version, but it does take practically a whole day, so I thought I'd give Tom Kerridge's a try and it did not disappoint. It's from his 'best ever dishes' book that I got … Continue reading Totally tasty lasagne


Brioche and bacon

This is a super indulgent recipe that's best enjoyed on a lazy weekend. If you're one for sweet and savoury combined, then it's a must try. Start by heating 100g of caster sugar in a saucepan on high. Let this caramelise to a lovely golden brown, by giving it a swirl. Make sure you keep … Continue reading Brioche and bacon


Pineapple beef

This is a Malaysian recipe, from the January '16 issue of Jamie's magazine. As you've probably gathered, we love Jamie at the Gin and Supper Club. He's so versatile, which is reflected in his massive range of books. Funnily enough, this isn't actually one of Jamie's recipe, but Kelis. Kelis who, I hear you ask? … Continue reading Pineapple beef