McLeanie burger

I made this a while back, as a weekend alternative to something naughtier. If you’re into turkey mince, then it’s worth giving a go. If you’re after a dirty burger, then maybe skip this one.

Pre heat the grill to high.

In a bowl, mix 400g of turkey mince, a good splash of fish sauce, half a bunch of chopped coriander, a splash of sesame oil, four finely sliced spring onions and shit loads of seasoning. Get stuck right in with your hands and work the whole lot together. Once well and truly merged, shape into two patties.

Pop them under the grill for about five minutes on each side or until fully cooked through. I probably heir on the side of caution with poultry and over do it, but be careful as turkey can be dry at the best of times. I’m not the biggest turkey fan in the world to be honest, but I’ll make the odd exception in the name of good health.

Meanwhile, mix together a few tablespoons of Greek yoghurt with a few teaspoons of chipotle paste. Cut a couple of burger buns in half, toast and spread the sauce between them.

When they’re cooked, stack your burgers in the buns with your choice of relishes, we went for tomatoes and lettuce.

We served alongside homemade sweet potatoes fries but adapt as you wish!


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