Bacon, leek and pea frittata

I made this the other weekend for a lazy brunch and it went down an absolute storm. It massively filled us up mind, so don’t eat it too late on!

It’s adapted from Joe Wicks’ third edition of Lean in 15 and is really tasty alternative to the usual brunch contenders.

Pre heat the grill to max.

Melt a knob of butter in a medium non stick frying pan. Add a small finely shredded leek, and four sliced rashers of smoked bacon. Fry these for about three minutes until nice and soft.

Throw in 45 g of frozen peas and defrost for a further minute.

Beat together six eggs with seasoning. Crank the heat up and pour these into the pan. I’ve never been good at eggs but the key is to pull the liquid into the centre of the pan until it starts to set.

When the egg is nearly cooked, tear up a ball of mozzarella and scatter this on top. If, like me, you love the cheese, then grate over some Parmesan or cheddar for extra tastiness. Slide the pan under the hot grill and cook for about five minutes until the egg is completely cooked and the cheese is golden.

Slide the frittata onto a board and cut into wedges like a pizza.

Service with sliced avocado, rocket and a scattering of pine nuts.

This intended to serve two people but it was so good another two dived in for a piece of the action.



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