‘In a hurry’ cottage pie’

I wasn’t holding my hopes out for this recipe, as I do find Joe Wicks a bit hit and miss. However, it unexpectedly delivered.

This recipes from the third edition of Lean in 15 AKA the sustain plan, a quicker alternative the classic filling cottage pie that doesn’t compromise on taste. Even better, it uses sweet potato to bring the carb content down.

To start, microwave two peeled and chopped sweet potatoes for ten mins or until cooked. Leave in there while you crack on with the rest. I’m still skeptical on the health hazards of microwaves but it really is a time saver and therefore something I’m not willing to stop using completely.

Melt coconut oil in a large frying pan on a high heat.

Throw in six finely sliced spring onions, two grated carrots and a finely sliced red chilli. Stir fry for one min.

Push the veggies to the sides and add 500g of lean beef mince to the middle. Let this start to brown before breaking up the meat with a spoon.

Once the mince is completely browned, mix it up with the rest of the contents of the pan.

Sprinkle in a couple of tablespoons of flour and give it all a good stir.

Throw in a mug full of frozen peas and 300ml of beef stock then reduce the heat. Let it all bubble down until thick and lovely.

Turn off the heat and add a splash of Worcestershire sauce to the pan and season to taste.

Give the sweet potatoes a quick blast and mash with butter, salt and pepper.

Serve up the cottage pie mix with the sweet potato mash and your choice of veg. I chose asparagus, for a change.



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