Babel Cheltenham Review,

Me and my friend decided to try out Cheltenham’s latest addition to the brewery, Babel. It was pretty early when we went, so the lack of custom was further emphasised by the enormous space they’ve got. I can imagine that during busier periods it’s a great atmosphere for big groups who want a bite to eat and a drink.

The menu is fresh, something that is sometimes lacked in Cheltenham joints. It’s a mixture of trendy small plates, a twist on classic sharing boards, clean eating style bowls, low carb options, Asian inspired mains and a few heavier ‘classics‘. I’m sometimes suspicious of places that don’t seem to have a ‘theme’, but you can definitely see commonalities between the dishes in Babel’s menu.

The drinks selection is varied, boasting a small range of exciting cocktails. Along with the usual wines, beers and softs.

The service is faultless, with the staff being attentive and friendly.

I was driving, so just had a glass of wine but my date had a local gin and tonic and a glass of prosecco, both of which were delicious.

I ordered a ‘smoked poke bowl’, which prised of hot smoked salmon, pickled ginger and beets, courgette ribbons, edamame, avocado, brown rice, chopped cauliflower and toasted sesame seeds and wasabi with a honey and tamari dressing. For £14.50 I was hoping for something substantial and I must say, it filled me up (despite the deceivingly simplistic presentation).I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour, and content with the amount of salmon and avocado.

My date went for the miso cod and too, she reported to be very tasty. This consisted of miso, mirin, pickled ginger, boy chow, rice, toasted sesame seeds and lime. This too was £14.50 which I think it probably the upper end of ‘fair’. For £15 you can get more in other places, but it wouldn’t stop me going back.

Overall, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for something different to the usual Cheltenham scene. It’s location is good if you’re after going somewhere the Brewery after, or If not it’s a short walk to town.

I don’t know about offers, but I was given vouchers for my next visit which I’ll be sure to use (bargain hunter).


Price : £££

Service : 4/5

Value : 3/5

Ambience : 3/5

Taste : 3/5


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