Smoothie pancakes

If you love pancakes, then you've go to give these ones a go. A healthier twist on the traditional style, that doesn't compromise on flavour. This is another Superfood recipe from the one and only Jamie. First, weight out 320 grams of blueberries and raspberries or your fruit of choice. Whizz HALF of these together … Continue reading Smoothie pancakes


Turkey and chickpea pittas

So I chose this recipe because we had turkey mince in the freezer. I wonโ€™t lie, I wasnโ€™t thrilled at the idea after my last meal involving turkey mince, which was underwhelmingย ๏ปฟto say the least. It's from the body coaches recipe in his first 'lean in 15' book. If you like the flavours in falafel, … Continue reading Turkey and chickpea pittas