Messy meatball buns

img_7398-3.pngSo this is one of Jamie’s ‘five ingredients’ recipes. As you can tell I’m a big fan of jamie and his latest book does not disappoint. If you’re not into fussy ingredient lists, and spending hours over a dish then it’s definitely worth a look.

I liked the look of this dish because it’s something a bit different to do with mince – it’s not served with pasta and it’s got pesto in it! (Win win)

To start, scrunch together 500g of lean minced beef, four generous teaspoons of green pesto , along with a good amount of salt and pepper. I find mince can be a bit tasteless without enough seasoning. Divide the balls into 12 and brown on a high heat, in a large frying pan with olive oil. You’re supposed to cook with olive oil and leave the extra virgin stuff for drizzling.

Once the balls are lovely and golden, pour in a tin of good quality plum tomatoes. The few extra pence does make all the difference with these. Give the plan an extra splash of water, and bring the pan to the boil. Slice up a ball of mozzarella and lay these on top of your lovely meat balls. Whack the heat down a bit and cover so they simmer away.

Whilst the balls are a’bubbling, whack a few sliced and seeded brioche buns on a low heat.

When your meatballs are cooked through, smother the buns with some more pesto and spoon on the meatbally tomatoey cheesy goodness. We ate these with wedges to soak up the lovely sauce, and avocado because, just… avocado.

This makes four baps, but we had it between two (oops).



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