Harrisa aubergine roast 

So this ones something a little different. As you can probably tell we love our meat and fish. It feels good once in a while to go meat free, especially when it’s as healthy as this!

This one is adapted from Jamie’s superfood and really packs in those vitamins.

Pre heat the oven to 180. To start, finely slice a red onion, crush a chubby clove of garlic and fry in some olive oil, a pinch of cumin seeeds and a splash of water. Make sure you use a big deep pan that can go in the oven.

After five mins on a medium high heat, stir in 150g of brown rice. Top up the pan with 800ml of veg stock. Bring this to the boil Then let it simmer away for 10 mins with a lid on.

Half the aubergine length ways, and lightly score a criss cross pattern in the flesh. Sprinkle each with sea salt and spread harrisa paste in the flesh. Place the halves on top of the contents of the pan, skin side down.  Turn down the heat and let this simmer on a low for 20 mins.

Throw a handful of mixed olives in a bowl, and mix with a large handful of halved cherry toms. Toss these in pomegranate molasses and whack all this in the pan once the 20 mins is up.

The final step is to transfer the whole lot to the oven, uncovered, for half an hour. It should come out beautifully charred and bubbling.

Serve with a herby natural yoghurt (I used fresh basil and parsley), along with a generous tumble of pomegranate jewels. Finally top with some chopped coriander and jobs a Gooden , enjoy. C x


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