Chicken and Courgette Skewers 

This was a quick and easy dinner I made for us tonight after a long day at work (and there’s leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch 🙌🏻). 

Preheat the grill to high (200-220 degrees). We live in a 2 bed flat with no balcony and therefore no BBQ- if we had the choice I’d use a BBQ instead! 

Roughly chop 2 chicken breasts into large chunks and marinade them in a tablespoon of olive oil, a large handful of thyme, parsley and sage (all roughly chopped).

In the meantime prepare the courgette by peeling long, thin strands using a vegetable peeler. You should have a nice large pile by the end. Take 3/4 strands and roll them on top of each other into a Swiss roll and pierce onto a skewer. Add a roll of courgette and piece of chicken alternatively until the skewer is full.  Place on the grill and cook for 10 -15 minutes on each side (until nicely browned and the chicken is cooked through).

While the skewers are cooking prepare the salad. I used half a bag of lambs leaf lettuce, cut in an avocado and grated 2 beetroots and tossed that all together. I then dressed the salad with a simple dressing made of half a lemon juice, spoonful balsamic vinegar, spoonful of olive oil and teaspoon of grainy mustard

Finally, I heated a couple of flatbreads in the oven while the chicken was finishing off and served with some natural yoghurt. 

Hope you enjoy! R xx


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