Mars Bar Crispies 

These are literally the easiest things you may ever ever make and they are SO delicious!!

Cut up 6 mars bars and 200g of butter into equal sized cubes. Put into a large heat proof bowl and set the bowl on top of a pan of boiling water. Melt on a LOW- MEDIUM HEAT (this bit is the key to success- if you heat too quickly it will burn and be ruined). Melt the butter and Mars bars until totally liquid (it will take about 20 minutes).

Add the melted mixture to 200g of Rice Krispies and mix thoroughly until the Rice Krispies are totally covered. 

Line a roasting tray with grease proof paper and press the Rice Krispie mixture down with the back of a wooden spoon until it is firm.

Finally, melt one and a half large bars of Dairy Milk Chocolate and cover the whole mixture.  

Put in the fridge overnight to set, and when ready to serve take out of the fridge and cut into bite size pieces!

Enjoy!!! R xx


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