CrisPEA seabass and lovely asparagus minty mash!

Based on the Jamie Oliver Everyday Superfood bible, this is a tasty way to get your greens that fills you up too. The spinach adds tons of vitamins to the mash and the raw veg packs in even more nutrients. Even better, the sea bass is a favourite in our household not only ‘cos it’s tasty, but Jamie says its packed with vitamin b12 needed for making healthy red blood cells (and what Jamie says, goes). People say sea bass is expensive but you can pick up two good size fillets for about 4 quid in tesco which is no more than chicken really!

Fill the kettle and pop it on. Grab a handful of frozen peas and let them sit in a bowl of boiling water.

So to start, run 2 normal potatoes under the tap to rinse off all those supermarket grubs. Then, cut into rough chunks with the skin on and plonk them in a pan of boiling salty water.

While that’s working its magic, get started on the fresh pile of greens. If you bend the asparagus spear you can feel where the woody bit should be snapped off. Do this to about 4 spears, and then use a vegetable peeler to peel each into strips. This is harder then it sounds and may require some tampering with the knife. Pop these lovely curly strips into a bowl with the drained thawed peas. Pick off some baby mint leaves, give them a whack in the palm and throw those in along with a finely sliced red chilli. You can deseed the chilli if you like it less hot! Toss in the juice of one lemon and a splash of oil.

Back to the pan, add the remaining asparagus spears to the pan of potatoes for a further 3 mins. Meanwhile, sprinkle the two sea bass skin’s with sea salt flakes and massage in with a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Drain and let the potato/asparagus medley steam for a sec before tipping it all into a food processor. Pick in the remaining mint leaves, two handfuls of spinach and a handful of grated strong cheddar. Pulse it in short bursts until it forms a nice smooth green mash. Season with lots of pepper as there’s salt in the cheese and give it a stir!

Meanwhile, place the fish skin side down in a large frying pan. Turn the heat to medium/high and grate over some unwaxed lemon zest. Now here’s the clever bit… Wet some grease proof paper and scrunch it up and then pop it ON TOP OF THE FISH, yes in the pan. Trust me, it works by steaming the fish whilst still getting that crispy skin.

To finish, dish up the mash into nice dishes and pop the hot sea bass on top, skin side up. Pile the green delicately on top and serve with some lemon wedges for extra zing. Enjoy! C x


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